What is CBD?

The term CBD is an abbreviation for “cannabidiol,” which is a naturally occurring substance found in the hemp plant. There can be no doubt that America has fallen in love with the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD. CBD can be taken orally with edibles, or applied topically on the skin.

In just a few short years, public opinion about CBD has changed dramatically. More people than ever are now trying CBD products for a variety of reasons. So whether you’re new to CBD, or an experienced user, our helpful guide is a great resource to learn more or share with a friend.

Is CBD Legal?

We often get asked if the CBD inside Dr. Zogg’s is legal. The answer is yes, because our CBD comes from the industrial hemp plant. In 2018, President Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the use of industrial hemp across America.

Confusion sometimes arises from the fact that CBD not only comes from the hemp plant but is also present in the marijuana plant. CBD extracted from the marijuana plant is still illegal in many states and is never used in Dr. Zogg’s products.

Will Dr. Zogg’s Get Me High?

Although CBD is reported by many to produce a sense of peace and wellness in humans, it does not produce a psychoactive buzz, or high. The substance called “THC” that is found in the marijuana plant (and is responsible for getting you high) is not present in the CBD used in Dr. Zogg’s products. Without the THC, there is no high.

Why Do People Take CBD?

Some people take CBD because they need support for their bodies in specific ways while others do so to enhance their overall well-being. To understand the benefits of CBD, you need to understand what it does in the body. CBD is a type of compound called a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids work with a series of receptors in your body known as the endocannabinoid system(ECS). The ECS is involved in many important processes in the body. These processes include regulating your anti-inflammatory response, immune system, appetite, mood, anxiety levels, sleep schedule and more. Basically, the ECS helps keep your body in homeostasis.

What Is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is a biological balance in your body’s natural rhythms. Sometimes it’s described as equilibrium in your system. Homeostasis has a big impact on your overall well-being. New research is always emerging exploring the link between homeostasis and physical, mental, and even emotional health. People take CBD because they want to support their ECS and the important work it does.

Your body makes its own cannabinoids. These are called endocannabinoids. If you’ve ever experienced a runner’s high, then you’ve experienced the work of endocannabinoids. When plants make this type of compound, they’re called phytocannabinoids. CBD is one of over a hundred types of phytocannabinoids found in hemp plants. It’s non-intoxicating, which means it does not produce the high associated with marijuana.

Where Does Dr. Zogg’s CBD Come From?

Our CBD comes from hemp grown on American farms that use the highest standards of cultivation and quality control. We only source our raw ingredients from facilities that use the most advanced hemp extraction methods. We perform internal tests on these raw materials for metals, pesticides, and microbial contaminants. We then formulate our Dr. Zogg’s products and send them to an external lab for evaluation. We make the resulting lab sheet available to all consumers through a simple scan of the QR code on our packaging.