The smaller the CBD particle size, the better it absorbs into the body and goes to work. Dr. Zogg’s is amazingly 10 times smaller than ordinary CBD.

Dr. Zogg’s goes one step further by encapsulating its CBD inside of water molecules, resulting in amazing bioactive properties that deliver on the promise of CBD.

Because Dr. Zogg’s CBD is significantly smaller in size, and is encapsulated in water, it can penetrate the skin more efficiently. This means more CBD gets in faster to deliver amazing benefits.

Did You Know?

Scientists say that up to 99% of our body is made from water molecules. It turns out that our bodies prefer water-based substances over creams and lotions.

Dr. Zogg’s CBD is made with a patented process that removes all detectable THC from the product. This takes serious know-how and many CBD products on the market have trouble getting it right.

Each batch of Dr. Zogg’s is lab-tested and certified to be free of THC, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.